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Nice Idea For A "school" Part In The Forum to help eachother out with school...

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well exually i got this idea when i was laying in bed,
(useless information but i like to tell a story :()
everybody has/had some problems at school, thats normal,
but wont it be really cool if you can ask for help at the forum?

(i will take my own school subject for the example)
for school i have to make a promotion video about Diesel (http://shop.diesel.com/ maybe i dont got
any idea how to make that movie... maybe i need idea's and i can ask them
here at the "school" part of the forum.

maybe i need some kind of graphic for a movie or information about something
or i cant figure out some math thingy... or i just need some great idea's for something for school.
i think it would be great if you can fall back on this forum if you cant figure it out...

great idea or what? :P

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theres already a school and college work sub forum isnt there?

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i think its way to much in the back... if you put it more in front i think allot of people will post there... because it is really usefull

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