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The Johnstones

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This is An amazing Ska band from Ajax, ( Toronto) They have the most energetic live shows iv ever seen. They have amazing talent and it shouldnt be just recognized In Ontario This is What they say about themselves: The Johnstones formed in 2002 and hail from ajax/pickering Ontario. After they developed there sound they began to start busting moves. It can safely be said that they are objectively the best band in the world, and are very very (very) buff. They usually spend most of there time in the gym lifting massive amounts of weights, except for Ren´┐Ż who's strength is entirely "au natural". They are currently circulating the southern Ontario retirement home circuit and have played with acts like; rita mcneil, Michael Bolton, and tom Jones. In addition The Johnstones are also really smart and cool. They have released an Album " What The Rossteck" I feel in love with this album the first time i heard it, Tracks, 1. Cant Tell, 2, Hackey Sack, 3. Trendy Not Trendy 4 Normal Guy 5. Another Million Served 6. Do The Ska! And a secret special Track 7. Iv Seen them Many times and shall be seeing them again in a week or so. http://www.purevolume.com/thejohnstones/ Check Them Out!

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