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What Goes In To Ipb This is funny

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I was just looking through some of the Invision Power Board 1.3 final files and these guys would be cool to work with. You know they use sub heading in the documents to stop them getting confused? Well look what they put to stop getting bored.

The quotes below are not made up but are taken from the actual files (unedited).

From the 'register.php' file.

/*****************************************************/ // Coppa Start
// ------------------
// Asks the registree if they are an old git or not

/*****************************************************/ // lost_password_start
// ------------------
// Simply shows the lostpassword form
// What do you want? Blood?

/*****************************************************/ // show_reg_form
// ------------------
// Simply shows the registration form, no - really! Thats
// all it does. It doesn't make the tea or anything.
// Just the registration form, no more - no less.
// Unless your server went down, then it's just useless.

/*****************************************************/ // create_account
// ------------------
// Now this is a really good subroutine. It adds the member
// to the members table in the database. Yes, really fancy
// this one. It also finds the time to see if we need to
// check any email verification type malarky before we
// can use this brand new account. It's like buying a new
// car and getting it towed home and being told the keys
// will be posted later. Although you can't polish this
// routine while you're waiting.

/*****************************************************/ // validate_user
// ------------------
// Leave a message after the tone, and I'll amuse myself
// by pulling faces when hearing the message later.

From the 'functions.php' file.

/*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ // size_format
// ------------------
// Give it a byte to eat and it'll return nice stuff!

/*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*/    // Cookies, cookies everywhere and not a byte to eat.               


I will post some more later.


~ Munchie ~

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