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Here Inside The Car something i wrote a few years ago

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This a "poem" I wrote to one love from the past. She is in Spain, so I dont even know why I wrote it in English. Anyway, I hope u guys like it.... :o


Here inside the car

You know how it feels when I am done

when I look around and find nobody beside me

the tick-tack-clock is killing me slowly

and those little steps at home pumping up my head.


The little creatures you made, lying on my bed

can you just imagine how it tastes like?

bitter you, bitter pictures, bitter letters, the sweetest moments.


I guess I am just dreaming when I am in the car,

taking different roads, whispering with the devil,

then I am getting amused by some white snow falling from the sky...

and the nose bleeding, and the heart bleeding, and the nose...


"I say when you hit me, I do not mind,

because when you hurt me I feel alive"

I just failed to keep myself right infront the battle

it does not mean that I gave up, but, my love,

I prefer just to wait for you, here inside the car...


I am not quite sure if my english was good enuf, but believe me, this is the best i could have done that time :D

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