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Parked Domains I cant use it

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I added a domain in cpanel of Xisto.com , name is : awcts.info In domain awcts.info , i changes name servers to : ns1.trap17.com and ns2.trap17.comWhen i try run domain awcts.info , i received mess : site is under contruction I misconfig ? I readed note : "This feature must be enabled manually on your account. Please contact support if you paid for it and it is not enabled."But I don't understand how to to config it !When i sucess add domain i receive mess : Nameserver ips for awcts.info are:, Bind reloading on rhino using rndc Bind reloading on ns2 using rndc Bind reloading on ns14 using rndcCreated DNS entry for awcts.infoSetup Mail forward awcts.info -> quangthinh.trap17.comSetup awcts.info OKAdding httpd.conf entry for awcts.info to point to quangthinh.trap17.com

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patience bro

my first .info took bout 6 hours to validate to the nameservers of Xisto

wait till tomorrow and if then the url wont work ask for help:)

take care


i got this
so what wrong whit it?

btw you have a redirection set up for this domain
if you had is assigned right the url woud be the following:


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