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PHP question (line of code)

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I am calling a profile pic to a custom page and it sometimes caches to an older pic because the dateline is not appended.

How can I add the code to call the profile pic WITH the dateline to this line of code?

<img src="$vboptions[bburl]/image.php?u=".$row[userid]."&type=profile"."" valign="top" alt="".$row[username]."" border="0" width="$picturewidth" />


Here is the MEMBERINFO template where they call it. How can I add that dateline code to the above code. All I want is the above edited to include the dateline.

<img src="image.php?u=$userinfo[userid]&type=profile&dateline=$userinfo[profilepicdateline]" alt="<phrase 1="$userinfo[username]">$vbphrase[xs_picture]</phrase>" border="0" style="border:1px solid $stylevar[tborder_bgcolor]" />

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