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Hello friends, here is ZaarooN!

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Hello Friends!


Here is ZaarooN, 25 years old male living in the biggest and beautiful city of Pakistan called Karachi, by profession I am Marine Engineer & Occasionally I owner of ZaarooN Yahoo! Group which is the largest Yahoo! Group of Pakistan based on Native Language of Pakistan named URDU. So Friends now I am telling you more about you:


I am 5' 9", with good health, I like to wear casual dresses, usually Shalwar kameez and Paint Shirts, I like to be rough & tough, I like all shades of Blue and Black, I like to eat Biryani, I like to eat Icecream in winters, I like mangoes so much, I like travel and recreation, I don't like cricket but I like football, I don't like selfish person, I hate politics, But i like current affairs, In Girls I like girl's dress "Chooridar Pajama" and I like Girl's Jewellery "Paazaib" and also i like long hairs of girls. I proud to be muslim. Basically I am an egoist person but not selfish. People think that I am furious but I am very polite and sensitive. You find me a philosopher with my conversation but I am very practical in my life. I am very shy but it is my compulsion to become social, I am stubborn a little bit. I am very straightforward and broadminded but in certain limit because I don't want to cross any limits. I am not an open book for others , my life is mystery for others, you never understand me. You find in me a dictator but I am not rude. I like perception for enjoyment but I can?t endurance vulgarity. I like beauty but in form of simplicity. I like flowers and nature very much that is why I become very natural in my life. It is my nature that I want too accomplished tears and to distributes smiles. My birthday is in November-10, so my zodiac sign is Scorpio although I don?t believe in stars as well as zondiacs. I am quite romantic but there is no love yet in my life. I always like to spend my time on beach and rain always fascinate me. I like to read books and in my leisure time I like to watch movies and also now a days I like to spent time on my yahoo group which you know very well about it.


As a Profession I am Marine Engineer. After a successful completion of 04 years training of Marine Engineering, Also I have more interest in Computer field so I do further Advance courses in Computer firld, just like Oracle, Visual Programming, Java, Graphics and many more. Now in future my program is to do Animation programming because I like it very much.


ZhiyaaN is my Best Friend, he is just like me. When we both go any where, people look us and then think that we are brothers. Because we just look like brothers. We are always do the same, I don't wana so much people around me, I m very selected, I choose a friend very carefully that is why I have few , but a large number of people, with well know how.


Oh it?s too long, I think now you have understood my personality. I told you each and everything that I know about my self. If you don?t like my personality then don?t hesitate to told me about your feelings because I want only truth & also if you don?t like me as your friend then also told me. You have ALL rights Reserved.





With Love

Only Your's


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wow !!!I think that now i know you more than you know yourself !!! (i'm just kidding :wink:)welcome to the greatest free web host in the world !

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why du u call urself that?Hello friends, here is ZaarooN!Replying to zaariyaan
Hi my name is Hamza Haroon,just happened to see your article thru google... and was just wondering as to why you choose zaaroon as your name. Well as a matter of fact I tend to call myself dat name too. and I derived it from my name itself.. To explain it in simple words its the last syllables of my name..HamZA haROON, take the zaa from hamza and roon from haroon you get ZaaRooN. and dats the way I write it.There aint nothing serious man bt just wanted to kno...and as a muslim you must be knowin dat the arabic Meaning of hamza is a Lion... and in native french language the word zaaroon(pronounced as zaaghoon- gh sounds like the urdu alphabet ghain ) means a lion... So wats your explanation brada.. 
-reply by Hamza Haroon

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