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Probs With Mysql

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$dbhost = "";$dbuname = "nuke";$dbpass = "****";$dbname = "nuke1";$prefix = "dlclan_";$user_prefix = "dlclan_";$dbtype = "MySQL";$sitekey = "SdFk*fa28367-dm56w69.3a2fDS+e9";$gfx_chk = 0;$subscription_url = "";this is my current setup for my database.the database is called nuke 1 and the user is dlclan_nuke what am i doing wrong as my site says that php nuke database probsalso on my upload of 7.3 there is no install folder or install.php wtf is goin on :S

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is that for the php code to connect? if so you got too much for it. for connecting you only need$dbhost = "localhost"; (if on Xisto use localhost)$dbuname = "username";$dbpass = "****";$dbname = "dbname";(correct me if im wrong)hope this helps if i understand right.

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it might be helpful if you include your site so we can

check the errors first hand :P


anyway, try double-checking on your user permission

settings at cpanel. if you created a db with the correct

user permission settings, you will be presented with the

correct connection strings to follow in your configuration

(most specifically, for the $dbuname & $dbname you must

use). i'm using uni.cc so my mysql connection string

automatically prefixes my uni.cc subdomain (serverph)

to the $dbuname & $dbname. (i don't know if it works the

same way for those with Xisto subdomains.)


a sample connection string (generated from my own cpanel):

$dbh=mysql_connect ("localhost", "serverph_dbuser", "<PASSWORD HERE>") or die ('I cannot connect to the database because: ' . mysql_error());

mysql_select_db ("serverph_db");

sample config (which i used for my site) following the sample

connection string generated in my cpanel:

$dbhostname = "localhost";  //hostname dbserver

$database = "serverph_db";    //database name

$mysqluser = "serverph_dbuser";  //mysql username

$mysqlpassword = "********";  //mysql password


if i were to set my config following your coding variables, it would

appear as:


$dbhost = "localhost";

$dbuname = "serverph_nuke";

$dbpass = "********";

$dbname = "serverph_nuke1";


(note: the serverph_ is prefixed in the values for the

$dbuname and $dbname variables, because serverph is my

uni.cc subdomain. if your subdomain is toohot for example,

toohot_ will be prefixed. just change your configuration



most mysql problems arise with incorrect user permission

settings, so you might want to check that first. be sure you

have a nuke user with permission to use your nuke1

db in your cpanel. after that, reconfigure the values in your

variables to reflect the correct $dbuname and $dbname.


and if you're still having problems after that, you might want

to play around first in setting up your mysql db with a simpler

php script. after you successfully set it up on a simpler script,

you can then go into setting up phpnuke more confidently. :D

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