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Forum Rules - As Of 11/02/05

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Hello Free Nuke Hosting Community!


I have compiled a list of rules that will now govern the forum and your free hosting. Please read the following and respect the content.


Forum Rules


You are not allowed to Post:


Links To:

Child Pornography

Adult Content

Torrents files

Warez (P2P)

Illegal Content


Posts Should Not Include:


Cracks Or Serials

Racist Comments

Personal Attacks

Illegal Content



Moderator & Admin Rights


If a Moderator closes a topic, it will be for a good reason, please do not re-post the topic. Contact the Moderator who closed the topic if you feel that you need a better reason that the one given.


Moderators have the right and access to modify users posts. This may be done for a variety of reasons, such as posting information that breaks any of the above rules. When a Moderator does this, they will usually write in the post (usually in red) why they have done so.


Moderators reserve the right to delete topics from the forum without notice. This will occur for usually only two reasons: 1, the topic was full of Spam or 2, the topic contained a high degree of illegal posts.


Please respect all decisions made by the Moderator & Admin Team. If you disagree with a point, please contact the appropriate Moderator or Admin staff.



Free Hosting Rules (As Set By Terms Of Service)


Your Site Is Not Allowed To Contain Any Of The Following:

Copyrighted files

Child Pornography

Adult Content

Commercial Advertisements with E-mail

Torrents files


MP3. Wav. Midi Or Any Other Music Files

Warez (P2P)

Cracks & Serials

Any Illegal Software



If you need further details about this, please feel free to Private Message (PM) the Admin or Moderator Team.


Users that do not follow these simple rules will be warned and then banned. This includes the removal of any free hosting they may have.


If you find anyone breaking these rules, please PM the Moderator of the forum and they will be able to deal with it. Please do not flame, as this is also spam.


Thanks For Reading



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