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To every old members

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To every old members who had reply to this topic but haven't got

transfar from old server to new server, what are you guys doing these few weeks?


In the very beginning of the moving server period, after i reply to that topic,

i just believe that i just trust that admin will handle it well, admin will

do everything for me. But I found that many members who re-request

the free hosting have already get it. I believe admin so i won't re-request,

but the truth is that admin just finish up half of it(he/she just transfar half

of the account).


Do you guys think that the old members should have precedence over

the new one in case of the server movements? and that topic will be

useless, it sucks! everyone just re-request again and again.


Otherwise, admin just ask me to re-request, forgot that topic, it sucks.

even we can do something in order to get the hosting. But now, i can't

do anything except waiting. I do hope admins can guide me what i

probably can do with the hosting now.


P.S. sorry for my poor english

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OK a bit difficult to read but I think I get the gist. I feel that member activity is most important and everything should be based around that while taking into concideration the time period that members have been on the board.As for your hosting, I think it is best to wait a bit longer and see what happens.

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