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IP Script

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just copy to a PHP file.

<?php        $ip=@getenv("REMOTE_ADDR");        echo "Your IP is: <B>$ip</B>";?>

To add to HTML:
<Script Language=php>$ip=@getenv("REMOTE_ADDR"); echo "Your IP is: <B>$ip</B>";</script>OR:<?= "Your IP is: <b>".getenv('REMOTE_ADDR')."</b>" ?>
[4 Second option ull have to edit php.ini file]
[Thank You CodeFX]

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The second way won't work. You can't embed PHP code in a .html document without modifying php.ini, and even then it wouldn't work. Assuming it goes through the parser, which means it is either a .php file or you have edited php.ini, The correct syntax would be:

<script language="php">$ip=@getenv("REMOTE_ADDR");echo "Your IP is: <B>$ip</B>"; </script>

But anyway, thanks. I didn't know how to do that.

P.S. You could also use this statement:
<?= "Your IP is: <b>".getenv('REMOTE_ADDR')."</b>" ?>

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