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PHP-Nuke Platinum v.7.6.0 Released

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I have released PHP-Nuke Platinum v.7.6.0 to the public. The Platinum project is a package of PHP-Nuke default with over 150 pre-installed features, security fixes and optimization all in one free package. Significant user-friendly documentation is included.

Features Overview:
ˇ 100% size reduction in comparison to PHP-Nuke 7.6.
ˇ Custom user friendly theme, T-Platinum.
ˇ Over 200% newly added features and mods.
ˇ Latest PHP-Nuke security fixes and updates.
ˇ Secure and customise themes with anti-theft using T-Console.
ˇ Upgrade to something amazing, the easy way.
ˇ Run PHP-Nuke Platinum from home with Inferno™.
ˇ Custom, user friendly theme, T-Platinum.
-> Light/plum/gloss colour scheme.
-> Matching PHPbb theme.
-> Included topic icons.
-> Included menu icons.
-> T-Console security.
-> Photoshop resources included.

Download here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Ofcourse, the second gift is Inferno™, however Inferno™ will not be released till tomorow. Additionally, i have released PHP-Nuke Platinum Translators Edition, which is essentially for users who excel in the muti-lingual field to translate PHP-Nuke Platinum to new languages for the community.

PHP-Nuke Platinum 7.6.0 now has the ability to be upgraded from standard PHP-Nuke installs. This means you can now upgrade your PHP-Nuke website to platinum by running a few simple upgrade sql scripts.

Furthermore, for those users who are currently not experiencing PHP-Nuke Platinum, i have updated PHP-Nuke Patched in the downloads to version 2.8. As i mentioned earlier, 2 new communities will be coming very soon, more information about the new communities will be released as we get closer.

Finally, Distortedcore, Mysterious and Teknerd have been promoted to administrators. These 2 gentlemen and 1 fine lady will be running this site for me as i get less and less time on my hands to work around here. Those users who are outstanding and stick out will also be promoted to moderator in the near future. However, this is no longer my choice, i will leave it up to your new site administrators to choose. Good luck you 3.

I forgot to mention, all staff and the 3 new administrators, check the usergroup staff forums for your presents.

I hope you enjoy using PHP-Nuke Platinum as much as i did developing it, and have a wonderful christmas, a happy new year and i look forward to future community projects in 2005 providing time and health permits.

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