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Anyone Have An Old Copy Of Reader Rabbit? mydaughter wants this

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How old of a copy are you looking for? You can download the two DOS copies for free here and here. If you are just looking for spelling/grammar games, there are also the Super Solver games Spellbound and Midnight Rescue (if you child is a bit older), which are both from The Learning Company (same company that made the Reader Rabbit games) as well.

I can personally vouch for the success that comes from playing the Super Solver games (I used to play them a lot as a child), and in my own experience, I found them must more interesting/educational than the Reader Rabbit games (of course, I was for or five at the time, but I always considered the Super Solver games to be much more interesting).

If you're looking for later Reader Rabbit games, you may want to search on Ebay for the best/cheapest results.

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i used to have reader rabbit waaaaaaaaay back...i used to love it when i was small heh...i had it for macintosh thou and its really old so its prolly one of the very first versions that ever came out n you prolly wont want that n plus you prolly most likely dont have a mac

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