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Fianl Fantasy 7: Advent Children

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(Note: All information written between "---->" and "<----" are Spoilers, hidden by a white font. Highlight to read them if you wish, but do so at your own risk.)

Characters known to be present in the film and known information concerning their roles:

Cloud: Cloud once again becomes the hero. Running "Strife Delivery Service", he has been travelling around the world on the Fenrir, his new motorcycle. Never living in the same place for long, he receives a call from Tifa which will lead him to new adventures. ---->Cloud is known to be afflicted with Geostigma.<----

Tifa: Taking care of orphans while running the rebuilt 7th Heaven bar. She has been first seen in a fight with Loz, one of the SHM (Silver-Haired Men).

Aerith: Seen in 2 scenes, one being a flashback of her burial and one where she is standing back to back with Cloud, in a dream-like field of yellow flowers. ----> In the flower field, she talks with Cloud, asking him why he has come to, to which he replies that he is seeking forgiveness. She asks him: "By whom?" Can she be Cloud's mental support? <----

Barret: Leaving Marlene in Tifa's care, Barret travels the world in search for a new energy source to replace the use of Mako. His gun-arm has been replaced with a full-fingered metal hand that can, when needed, transform into a weapon.

Vincent: Vincent has been traveling the world during the past 2 years, rediscovering it. He has aquired knowledge about the threat of Geostigma and knows the motives of the Silver-Haired Men. ----> He explains to Cloud what Geostigma is, why the SHM are searching for "Mother" and who "Mother" is. <----

Nanaki: Nanaki has been seen running past Barret in Midgar, then leaping into the air to deal an attack to the Summon known as Bahamut. No other information regarding his role in the film is available at this time.

Yuffie: Just like Nanaki, Yuffie makes her appearance in Midgar, parachuting from the sky, ready to join the fray against Bahamut. Upon landing and catching her giant shuriken after it has dealt a blow to Bahamut, the Materia Ninja asks "Alright, who's been messing with my Materia?" No other information is available at this time.

Cid: As with Nanaki and Yuffie, Cid Highwind also appears in Midgar during Bahamut's assault on the city. He is seen swinging his spear to fend off a group of attacking Shadowcreepers. Note that the spear he is seen with is not the Venus Gospel ( :lol: ).

Marlene: Marlene is living with Tifa and helps take care of the children. She is often seen with Denzel, to whom she appears very attached. Caught in between the battle between Tifa and Loz, she finds herself kidnapped. Her role in the film is currently unknown.

Denzel: Living with Tifa, Denzel is one of the children afflicted with Geostigma. His role in the film is unknown, though the Silver-Haired Men seem to have a strong interest in the children afflicted with Geostigma, and Denzel is no exception.

Rude and Reno: The reason for their apperance in the movie is uncertain at this time. They have been seen in various scenes from scans, trailers, and the twenty-minute preview shown in Venice, Montreal, and Paris. These scenes range from standing side-by-side with the Wheelchair Person, to talking to Cloud and Tifa, to fighting the SHM. Are the two Turks still loyal to Shinra or are they working independently?

Zack: As of now, only one scene has shown Zack. It is a rendering of the flashback sequence that is also presented in the game, in which Cloud and Zack are seen in the back of a yellow pickup truck as they make their way from Nibelheim back to Midgar.

Wheelchair Person: Not a great deal is known about the WCP. He/She has requested for Cloud to help him/her and is also seen speaking with Kadaj, leader of the Silver-Haired Men, who has been seen bowing down in front of him/her in one scene. ---->Kadaj is known to have referred to the Wheelchair Person as "Mr. President," which is intriguing in light of the fact that a scan has shown a Shin-Ra Inc. logo on the wall of the room that Cloud speaks to the Wheelchair Person in. Could the identity of this Person be Rufus Shinra? All signs seem to be pointing to the answer being "yes," as the Wheelchair Person -- obviously a Male -- has Reno and Rude for bodyguards, has a Shin-Ra Inc. logo on his wall, is quite young, wears a white suit, and has been referred to as "Mr. President." Further, the voice acting credits of the twenty-minute preview of the film shown in Venice, Montreal, and Paris lists one of the voice actors (Toru Okawa) as being the voice actor for Rufus, possibly -- if not likely -- meaning he was a character that appeared during the preview, and leaving only Rufus as the only character whose appearance wasn't completely obvious.<----

Kadaj: Leader of the SHM, Kadaj is the youngest of the group and weilds a double bladed Katana. His sword skills are incredible and he has a strong resemblance to Sephiroth. He is seen in various scenes, some of which include confrontations with Cloud.

Yazoo: Out of the 3 SHM, Yazoo is the one for whom we have the least information. He weilds a Gunblade called the "Velvet nightmare" and is seen fighting Cloud in some scenes, and Reno in another. ---->As Kadaj is known to do at one point, Yazoo is also known to call Cloud "Brother."<----

Loz: Loz is the tallest of the SHM. He is considered a crybaby and is seen in fist fights with Tifa and later on, with Cloud. His attack speed is incredible. He uses a weapon called "Dual Hound" which is both a shield and a gun. He also has a Velvet Nightmare.

Sephiroth: He is seen in the trailer, in a flashback to the burning of Nibelheim. ----> He has also been seen in the twenty-minute preview of the film shown in Venice, Montreal, and Paris, descending toward Cloud with his Masamune draw. Has he returned, or is this simply a hallucination on Cloud's part or JENOVA in Sephiroth's form once again?? <----

What are some aspects of the storyline and the general set-up for its plot?:
Taking place 2 years after Final Fantasy VII ended, Advent Children is set on the world of Gaia, focusing largely on Cloud and his current state of living in the devestated world that remained. Many People -- mostly children -- are afflicted with a terminal condition called Geostigma, for which there is no known cure. Cloud is asked for help and protection by a mysterious wheelchair-bound Person, and three silver-haired young men have appeared to challenge him. Cloud finds himself being drawn into a new battle for the Planet.

----> The Silver-Haired Men gather children affected with Geostigma and take them to the Forgotten Capital where they explain to them what the condition they suffer from is and tell them that they can cure them. They ask that they all "strike back" at the planet for "giving" them the condition. Cloud rushes through the Sleeping Forest on his motorcycle Fenrir in an effort to retrieve the children and is ambushed. Kadaj calls out for the children -- now apparently his control -- to block Cloud's path. Braking to avoid them, Cloud falls off his motorcycle and Kadaj faces him, having the children surround them both in a ring. He here states to the children that Cloud is their "brother," but is, regretfully, a traitor. The children's eyes appear to have snake-like slits and to be entranced.<----

What is Geostigma?:
Geostigma, also known as Star Scar Syndrome, is a condition that has surfaced in the two years following Advent Children, usually -- but not without exception -- affecting children. Those suffering from this condition experience extreme fatigue and their skin will often have blue-colored blemishes appear on its surface.
---->Geostigma is the effects one suffers from an inner conflict between their own Spirit Energy and JENOVA's Cells, as both vie for dominance of one's body.<----

What is Mother and why are the Silver-Haired Men looking for her?:
---->Mother is Jenova. As for why they are searching for the being, it's unknown, though, according to the Wheelchair Man, their goal is "...bring down a calamity bigger than the sky itself."<----

Will there be any Summons?:
Bahamut is confirmed to be summonned. No other Summon confirmed as of yet.

What is the release date of the movie?:
As of now, this is unknown. The film's production has been delayed several times, and though it was -- in recent times -- said to be expected to see a late 2004 release in Japan and a Spring 2005 release in America, the date has been pushed back once more, with vague predictions for the Japanese and North American releases, though it's now expected to receive a Spring 2005 in Japan. Note that there have been no speculations concerning the European/Australian release dates.

What will be the length of the movie?
Originally intended to be a 20 minute long project on the part of the developers, this expanded to one hour and is now believed to be 70-80 minutes.

Production Information:
Director - Nomura Tetsuya (Character designer for FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, and FFX-2; Director and Character Designer for Kingdom Hearts)
Composer - Nobuo Uematsu (Composer for Final Fantasy I-IX, and Co-Composer for Final Fantasy X; Co-Composer for Chrono Trigger)
Co-Director - Takeshi Nozue (CG Designer for FF9; Animation Director for FFX)
Producer - Yoshinori Kitase (Director of FFX)
Co-Producer - Shinji Hashimoto (Producer of Final Fantasy VIII)
Script/Scenario Writer - Kazushige Nojima (Co-Scenario Writer of Final Fantasy VII and X-2, and Scenario Writer of Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X; Scenario Writer of Kindgom Hearts and Kindgom Hearts: Chain of Memories)
Art Director - Yusuke Naora (Art Director for Final Fantasy X)
Mech and Creature Design: Takayuki Takeya (Mech Designer for Heat Guy J [anime]; freelance figure artist)

For more information, images, trailers:

The Official Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Website

Advent Children.net


Will there be a remake of Final Fantasy VII?:
No. There has no information released concerning a remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, Square-Enix is currently working on a polymorphic project entitled "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII."

As of the present, these are five projects that have been confirmed to have been developed/to be in development as part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII:

Before Crisis (BC): An online game for NTT DoCoMo's FOMA i900. Only available in Japan, the game is set six years before Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation and focuses on the Turks.

Crisis Core (CC): An Action RPG that is in development for Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) and is anticipated to have an early 2006 release, the details of this game's storyline are currently unknown. According to this French website, it was stated in a question and answer session around the time of twenty-minute preview of the film being shown in Paris that Crisis Core will take place after Before Crisis and just before Final Fantasy VII, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Final Fantasy VII: The popular PlayStation game that has currently spawned the production of two prequels and two sequels.

Advent Children (AC): The film that takes place two years after Final Fantasy VII ends.

Dirge of Cerberus (DC): What appears to be an Action Shooting game starring Vincent Valentine, set one year after Advent Children.

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Well it's good to see a FF7 AC fan here :lol: , I've been browsing FF7AC.net quite a long time either,by the way I think that the white caped man in wheel chair must be Rufus, don't you think?I just can wait to get my hands on the dvd :twisted:

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Yeah, he watches his demise from Diamond Weapon (he rules -- RIP Diamond Weapon) It fires its yellow beams at rufus in the top block of the shinra buildingHe deserved it!!

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Although he deserved it but It's no fun that THE President of Shinra had to die SOOOO easily right? I mean we only fought him once (remember? he popped up with a shotgun and a blue phanter) then he escaped

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No one is really sure at the moment seeing as there has been so many delays and all, it is slated for may in japan, so we might have to wiat till summer to hear about us but we will odds are get a dubed one

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