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Random Pic block for nuke

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Im looking for a script or some code that randomly picks an image from a specifed folder and displays it in a block. Is there a scirpt or code i can use to do this?

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Hello jpsimboy :wink:

here is the source for you...


<?php// folder directory which contains images files$folder="randompic/";$openfold=opendir($folder);while($files=readdir($openfold)){// put file names into a table	if(is_file($folder.$files))  $tabjpg[]=$files;}srand ((double) microtime() * 10000000);  $rand_keys = array_rand ($tabjpg); echo "<img src="".$folder.$tabjpg[$rand_keys]."" alt="".$tabjpg[$rand_keys]."">";?>

How TO use this script;
Example: just put
<?php include('randompic.php'); ?>

Voila,,, Enjoy and Have a nice day :)


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