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The method to park the domain in UNI.CC

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Well, I have already tried and succeed for the uni.cc domain.
Every one wants to park the domain in uni.cc. Please check your steps.
1. Enter to the http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
2. Log in or register a new account in the uni.cc
3. Select your uni.cc domain name ( {yourdomain}.uni.cc) to setup by pressing the "change the domain setting" button.
4. Select the DNS option and complete the form then press the "continue" button.
5. Just only select the "A" and "MX" (at "UNI.CC" DNS) and fill the IP address from here.
(new IP address maybe
6. Press the "Update DNS Records" button.
7. After in 24 hours, your UNI.CC domain will work properly.

1. Please sign up the here by using the subdomain name. Because if the UNI.CC DNS server work inproperly, you can also using the subdomain name to connect your web site.
2. DNS sign up name can be {yourdomain}.freenukehosting.com at first.
3. After you set up the UNI.CC DNS, you can using the CPanel for your hosting space and then using the "Add domains" module to add your UNI.CC domain.
3.1 Connect to the management web site ===> http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
3.2 Submit your account and password
3.3 Press the "Add domains" button to add your UNI.CC domain.
3.4 Move the web page files by FTP or you can using the CPanel default to design your web pages. Please check the location shall be in the /www/{yourdomain}.

And now, you can have a complete your UNI.CC web site.


Many thanks to the webmaster, whizz to give us the free web hosting service.

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