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Found 9 results

  1. Tell me about your favorite mobile game app! Me first, it's Football Planet !
  2. It's been almost a week since Apple release the 'new and improved' iPhone 5. As far as I can notice from the specifications only two things have really been changed and one, as far as I am concerned, not for the best. The two things are the CPU (which seems to be a great improvement when it comes to speed and power consumption) and the connector which continues in the long Apple tradition: 'We don't do anything that's standard for the rest of tradition!'. While the rest of the world has adopted (some might think by force of the UE law) microUSB as the standard interference port, Apple seem to have gone again against the tide and unveiled a different port. Of course that can only mean trouble when you have multiple phones or you don't like adaptors (which of course Apple generously sells with a huge margin of profit... asking 29$ for a piece of cable is a crime ) Oh... I forgot about the headphone change. That could also be marked as an improvement although I didn't consider the old ones so rubbish.Anyway as I see it Apple is becoming lazy with it's success. For a few generations now the iPhone hasn't brought anything new to the scene. Above all I think innovation is what brought Apple's success and now while I still see that with every new release people stay 2-3 days camped in front of Apple Stores all over the world the real innovation is no more. I think Apple is now a car that has gone uphill by the power not of oil, but of innovation and once that has run dry going downhill is just a matter of time.Just as a side note (for fairness)... I'm not an Apple fan or user - so keep that in mind when reading the above lines.So what do you think about the new iPhone?
  3. After touch screen mobiles we are going to witness the skinput mobile phones as the next generation mobiles.The technology of Skinput devices are a joint research work of Carnegie Mellon University and Microsoft.It works something as below:This device comes with an armband which provides a small projector.It is same as the projector which we use in general theonly difference here being that our own skin is being used as display.So our skin is being used as the GUI.Tapping of skin will produce ultra low frequency sounds.Computaional ability of the software embeded within this device can be imagined from the fact that it can recognize by the sound produced from the tapping that which skin area has been pressed and depending on that which menu has been selected by the user.Definitely this upcoming technology will enhance the mobility aspect of mobile phones and give it a new dimension.But a question arises in my mind to what extent this technology investment is necessary.An awsome computational ability is definitelythere in this device which makes it a product where we have to apply a lot of logic to get the work done.But if we focus onits functions, apart from mobility it isn't adding much features.so at end of the day after so brain hammering practicallyit isn't that fruitful.Definitely as part of research its nice to explore this as a next step forward in mobile technology.
  4. Todays smartphones has become best mean to store data. There are many great features that come in expensive handsets, which allow us to store data anywhere. But most people among are not aware of that on their handsets they can protect their data very easily. Now smartphones are equiped with many application that protects our data. Blackberry protection application; For Blackberry users there is an application on application world that they can download. This application is free. To use this we have to creeate a Blackberry ID. After that application will store our all Data at server and we can also update our backup.If any how we lost our phone , we can retrive our data from blackberry data protection application by using our secret Blackberry ID. Even we can delete our data from our stolen phone for that we just to run a command . And for that it is necessary to have GPS plan to be activated always. F-Secure for Nokia For our Symbian platform based Nokia phone we have Anti theft application to use. F-secure may be very helpful for us. We can download it from Ovi store free. Here we can pre-saved a number at which a message will be delivered whenever a SIM get changed. LookOUt for Android or iPhone We can use LookOut for our Android or iPhone, which is a safety and security application. This application is available as Free and premium version both. we can choose any one of the versions as per our need. This application store our data online to provide backup. If in case we lost our phone, can retrive our data back using our LookOut ID. By this application we can trace our phone location and can delete our data as well.Not even that we can also scan the applications.
  5. Source Firefox is planning to launch "Firefox OS" in mobile by 2013. Firefox OS will launch smart-phones built on open web standards where everything will be HTML5 application starting from phone's dialing compatibility to email app everything. Firefox OS will have to compete with Android as its already ruling the mobile phones. It should provide much more services than android to succeed in the long techy run. Is there any need of fully open source, HTML5 mobile OS when we already have an Android? All the best Firefox is what I can say.
  6. In volume two of the Smashing book series, we are introduce to ten more chapters from the boys and girls of the Smashing Magazine Network. Here the web designers tool set is greatly expanded in which topics of graphic design, mobile design, wireframing, psychology, and even e-commerce are discussed. At a comfortable 335 pages this book will show you how difficult a web designers life really is due to the fact that there are a lot areas a web designer needs to cover from the first meeting to the client to going live. Like volume #1, Smashing Book #2 condenses a lot of information you would find on their website and the various they have published as well. This is due to the fact that each chapter presented in this book can be a book in itself and once again they provide a great starting point for their readers and of course provide fresh prespective on what to think about when it comes to designing website. This book is only a year old, so the information presented is not totally outdate and so you can breath a sigh of relief because of it. Obviously, the point of the book is get you thinking and go out and research mroe about the topics and thus really build up your experience on the various ideas and concepts that are presented in here. Of course, one thing I do like about this book, is that the information is easy to read and understand and can be reference back to. Of course, once you log into their website, the information they bring daily will quickly dwarf the book by hundreds of pages. As they continually talk about those topics and thus if they were to add that information into the book, it could easily triple in size. Another great aspect of this book I like is the artwork for each chapter as they really pop with the use of vivd colors and great design. On top of that, at the beginning of the book you find almost 3000 names of people who have bought this book and those pages are all designed in a large S. I would defintely pick up this book to add to your collection of great web design information, especially if you have Smashing Book #1 and I will point out that Smashing Book #3 is coming out soon so you should defintely add that to your collection when it comes out later this year.
  7. With HTML5 well into power, its biggest competitor, though gaining a lot of ground to it, is still Flash, HTMl5 applications are slowly becoming the norm in the online and mobile worlds.. At a measly 121 pages, Programming HTML5 Applications gives you a beginning to were you should concentrate your programming skills in order to build both Desktop and mobile apps. This book is heavy in JavaScript coding and that is understandable as you will need a powerful language like JavaScript in order to produce many of the functions in your applications and so the question is this, what does the book cover. Interestingly enough, we already know much of what is covered through various websites and books. Such as file uploading, drag and drop, offline storage, creating databases, web sockets and more. However, the one thing that intrigues me the most that you can create a simple but stable database with HTML5 and JavaScript and so that is the chapter I will talk about in this review. Called IndexedDB, it is a non-SQL based database platform. Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome support this database. One feature that seems to stand out for me is that it has its own built-in security measure in which no other pages or web hosts can access that database unless they are actually on that page to which the database is connected too. Another nifty security measure is the fact that IndexedDB cannot be attacked with SQL injections and thus provides a way to hack into the database and destroy or steal data. Of course, the bad part is that it is still susceptible to XSS attacks which use JavaScript as a form of that attack. The other part that I like about this, and I am only assuming based on the example giving in the book, but if you been coding in JSON the structure in the below example almost looks the same IndexedDB Example { "title":"Real World Haskell", "price": 49.95, "price_can":49.95, "authors" [ "Bryan O'Sullivan", "John Goerzen", "Don Stewart" ], "cover_animal": "Rhinocerus Beetle", "cover_url": "http://...", "topics": ["Haskell"]}JSON Example { "Book": [ {"title": "Real World Haskell"}, {"price": "49.95"}, {"price_can": "49.95"}, {"authors": "Bryan O'Sullivan"}, {"authors": "John Goerzen"}, {"authors": "Don Stewart"}, {"cover_animal": "Rhinocerus Beetle"}, {"cover_url": "http://..."}, {"topics": "Haskell"} ]} I will point out, that the JSON example could be more optimized, but you will notice that both use a lot of the same structure and so if you got JSON licked, then you will have no problems working in IndexedDB. However, creating the database in the first part and for the next few pages the author goes through the process of connecting, creating, adding, updating, recieving and of course deleting the data. Which comes to my next point in which if you got strong database skills, all you have to do is learn the languages specific to IndexedDB and you will be good to go on creating sophisticated databases that you can use for your HTML5 based application. Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of the information is old and or updating to something current, but I regress that if you’re starting out in HTML5 and want to get into the advance side of things. Then this book will be a nice little starter to get you going.
  8. On 2nd of December 2011, Nokia has launched its new free music service in Inda, named as "Nokia Music Unlimited", will supported in nokia phones three new models X2-02, Asha 200 and Asha 300. Company officials said that by this new music service the users will able to doanload and share free music from Nokia Music Store. This Service has collection of legal tracks of bollywood and hollywood music of different singers and artists. Nokia partnered with Indian Music Industry, Hungama that includes different production houses like Yash Raj, Tseries and SIMCA(South Indian Music Companies), and many more.
  9. from since morning i am not able to connect to dial up connection using bluetooth modem. Whenever i tried to connect it shows 720 error . I have already tried the solution given at microsoft's kb article at number 810979; but it did not work for me. Is there any way other than to format my system to resolve this problem. I have already tested my mobile on other system it works fine and establish connection.
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