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  1. The majority of visitors have pop up blockers so it's not worth investing in developing pop ups or pop unders nowadays.
  2. dreamweaver, corel paint shop pro 10. For checking CSS firebug as an add-on for firefox is an excellent tool.
  3. I have all the services and prefer yahoo's interface.If I want to keep the mails in outlook, then I like gmail.
  4. I prefer the switch solution, sometimes we get so many files that it is very difficult to remember the relation between all files.Using the switch solution you can put the different cases in different functions and so this is a lot easier to handle.If you want to use the include solution, think well of your naming strategy so you know the relationship between the files. The included files should be in a different directory.Good luck !!!!
  5. Firebug is really helpful for developers. It lets me see the CSS style for every part of the page and allows me to neutralize every CSS command and see how it is affecting the page.It has saved me hours of debugging and understanding how CSS works.The web developer toolbar is also excellent, it lets me resize the screen to check what the site will look back at 800 X 600. Besides this it lets me outline tables and CSS block so I can analyze how a page was defined. I can see image definitions such as pixels or image weight, it lets me see the CSS of the page (puts several CSS files together).If you use CSS or want to get started with CSS you will get a lot of help from this tool.
  6. Some articles say it is not worth it and others say you can't do without it.I understand it is not good to be included in a list with 300 more links but how do they know this is a real link and not just a link exchange ? How can I get good links ? Which ones are really worth working for ?
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