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  1. Would suggest you to study all the specs before buying. New AMD 4000 series is an upper-hand over ryzen 3000 and intel because of better base clock speed which is very much necessary for work like gaming and content creation. Sharing a configuration AMD Ryzen 5 4650G, Asus A520M Plus TUF Gaming, Colorful GTX1660 Super 6GB DDR6 Nvidia ,8GB DDR4 3000MHZ XPG D30 ADATA, XPG 256GB M.2 Nvme SSD, Antec NX230, Antec B550 550W is the configuration I think would be best fortune. 4000 series is supported with 500 series motherboard which is the best part of it as the efficiency of the cpu increases with low power consumption for the overall system. Graphic 1660 Super will be able to support all the games like fortinite, watch dog legions, call of duty and more. It would be perfect configuration for video rendering and content creation compatibility and would help overcome bottlenecks. Can review configuration on https://www.cruxretail.com/product/oculus-4650g-1
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