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  1. I have always had 2 OSs running on my system, always split between a windows and linux based OS. Currently I have Win 7, and will stay here likely for a while because it is pretty decent. For the other half I have played with Mandriva, Mandrake, Red Hat linuxes (those are not free distributions), but I have landed on Ubuntu as a pretty decent free OS. Good for everything except gaming, I would say. Nice to have the versatility of 2 OSs. I haven't tried any of it's direct competitors, and I know a lot of people don't take Ubutntu seriously, but I say try it, it's extremely easy to set up and if you don't like it, don't keep it.
  2. The other day someone from my Myspace Photoshop page asked me if there was a way to add a signature to a whole bunch of photos without having to go through each and every one. She is a photographer and could potentially have hundreds to do at a time. That could take hours to complete. I never thought to do that so I started playing around with it a bit. She has Photoshop 7, so this is done in that version. You can do this in the newer versions, the only difference is that you have more options. The fist thing you will want to do is create your signature. You can make it whatever you like. It can be fancy or simple. Just keep in mind how big the photos are that you want to brand with your signature and how much space you want to take up. For this tutorial I am creating a signature at 250 X 75 pixels @72 pixels per inch. You should match the pixels per inch with whatever the resolution of your photos are. Make sure you select a transparent background. Now you will need to save it as a PDF file. After you hit Save, a PDF options window will pop up. Make sure you check mark the box that says Save Transparency, and click OK. Now we need to create an action or macro to automate the process for us. Open any picture. Next make sure your Actions Tab is showing, and click the Create New Action icon. Name it something meaningful like Signature and click Record. This will begin recording each thing you do until you tell it to stop. Select File->Place and navigate to the signature PDF you created earlier and click Place. Then hit enter to commit the Place. Hit Ctrl+A to select all. Next choose Layer -> Align to Selection/Bottom Edges. Then select Layer-> Align to Edges/Right Edges. This should place your signature in the bottom right hand corner. It will probably be too close to the edges, so select the move tool, and move it up and to the left a bit. Make sure your signature layer is selected before doing this. Hit Ctrl+D to deselect. Select the flyout menu on the Layers Palette, and choose Merge Visible. This will create one layer for our document. Now choose Save As JPEG. It doesn't matter where you save it for this recording process. Now hit the stop button on the bottom of the Actions Palette, and you have created an automated task! OK, now for the good stuff. You will need to create a folder where Photoshop will put the photos with the signature on them. This will retain your originals as is, and make copies of the new ones. Select File -> Automate -> Batch. In the window that pops up you will want to make sure that your signature action is set. You will need to navigate to the source folder, which is the folder where all of your pictures that you want to add a signature to are. Then navigate to the destination folder, which is where it will put the pictures with the signatures on them. Click OK and let the automation begin. This will place the signature the same for landscapes and portrait layouts. If you are doing 100 or more pics, go get a beverage and let Photoshop do all the work for you.
  3. Hi, one of my current host warned my wordpress inde.php is using huge resource to load which cause stress in their server. Since I have started using wordpress a month back only, I was really high to experiment with many plugins and I think, probably that's the reason for the trouble, Can anyone tell what's the other reasons can be behind this?
  4. Ofcourse Adsense provides far better earning opportunity than any other Advertise publishing program, in my opinion. But make sure one is not cheating with their 'Click's, Google use some algorithm to define which clicks are legal and which are not, and if one cheats anyway, there is 99.99% chance to get caught and lose the account. So it's better playing fair with them They pay more, making sure they are paying to the right publisher.
  5. I have one 8 year old Desktop computer and one dell inspiron at my house. ;)I wonder why you guys using so many computers at home
  6. Hello folks, I'm Munir from India, by profession working with network and security team. Was searching free cPanel providers and found this site satisfactory enough. I want to run a website on Customizing of Bikes, Bike tours and everything about people are passionate about Bike, Bike, I meant Choppers actually. I have 3 other sites, one is a fan site of Miley Cyrus, a Fansite of Fergie and one on Android phones. I hope I will get a opportunity to host my chopper site here
  7. I don't recommend anyone for Vista, in my last Laptop I had vista inbuilt and it was horrible using, later I installed XP again. I really don't find a compact reason why Microsoft had tried to do, if you say about Graphics, I don't feel it was that better than XP. and rest anywhere I didn't find any advantage. Currently I'm using Win7 and Win Xp in different systems, and I'm completely happy with both.
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