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  1. http://www.aspindir.com/
  2. varjpg: TJpegImage;......if openpicturedialog1.Execute thenbegin jpg:= TJpegImage.Create; try jpg.Loadfromfile( openpicturedialog1.filename ); if jpg.Height>jpg.Width then begin jpg.Height:=round(jpg.Height/20); jpg.Width:=round(jpg.Width/20); end;EDBImage1.Picture.LoadFromFile(openpicturedialog1.FileName);finallyjpg.Free;end;
  3. i need to add *.bmp to *.dll, and to put it into dbimage, how should I do that???
  4. I want to control my app while i'm working with other programs. Tried it with RegisterHotKey function but it isn't working. And I don't know why.const id_SnapShot=101;procedure TForm1.WMHotKey (var Msg : TWMHotKey);beginif Msg.HotKey = id_SnapShot then ShowMessage('GotIt');end;procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);beginRegisterHotKey(Form1.Handle,id_SnapShot,0,VK_SNAPSHOT);end;Maybe the problem is in procedure WMHotKey!?
  5. I need to verify that a text time entry (I know there's the time entry component, but nobody liked that one, they would rather type in a text form of the times) from a user input ends on the quarter hour. I know that I can split the entry apart and check the last two digits for 15, 30, 45 or 00, but was wondering if there's a different/better way.
  6. Hiis it possible to hide Delphi's splash screen at the beginning, Delphi 6? I tried "delphi32.exe -ns" but doesn't work, is there a new switch for this?Does anybody have a list of switch commands for delphi32.exe command line execution?
  7. My old Delphi 4 will not run on an XP system.Does Delphi 6 run in an XP environment and/or will an application developed in Delphi 6 run in an XP environment?
  8. Antivir and Nod31 its goog programs
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