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How To Make The Best Website

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I have an interest for making websites and I have tried a couple of free web hosts. They all have positives as well as negatives. Not all of my websites have been successful so far and I have learned many valueable lessons on how to make the best website ever.The first thing you want to do is to think of what kind of website you want to make and what is going to be on it. Then find a web hosting company that meets your needs. Then make your website. Be sure to tell your friends about your new site so they can check it out. But don't be too worried about people visiting your site. You have to have patience. Nobody wants to go to a site that is not interesting to them. Make sure that you keep the site active and one day, it mgiht get famous. Any other tips!!!! Please post here.


main focus should always be the users/customers... and to understand that the design and contents are two separate departments although the design should enhance and make elegant the information (contents) the website is expressing


I think one of the main things is to make that people would like to be coming back to the site, to have an addiction or something, that they would want to come back and maybe even better if they would advertise it to their friends and etc. because it's useful for them?So if it's an Internet shop, you need to sell something good and with an appropriate price, if it's a game, you need to make it interesting that it wouldn't get boring, if it's a Blog, the content should be interested and etc. That the customer/user would remember the site and would like to come back for more.


also one has to consider the ease of use... a lot of browsers come across a scattered information on a website tends to always make them feel like not coming back or even leave the site sooner