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Electrocorticography Playing games without mouse nor joyistick nor keyboard

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Electrocorticography is a new kind of brain-computer interface (BCI).
Have a look here : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
These guys used this technique, with some electrodes directly inside the cortex zone, and were able to make a cursor move on a computer screen, by means of only thinking power.
Before that, they make a guy play space invaders with the same technique!
Or course, it's a just starting technique, and today it's horribly invasive, but seems very close to science-fiction!

Electrocorticography (ECoG) has emerged as a new signal platform for brain√Ęcomputer interface (BCI) systems. Classically, the cortical physiology that has been commonly investigated and utilized for device control in humans has been brain signals from the sensorimotor cortex. Hence, it was unknown whether other neurophysiological substrates, such as the speech network, could be used to further improve on or complement existing motor-based control paradigms. We demonstrate here for the first time that ECoG signals associated with different overt and imagined phoneme articulation can enable invasively monitored human patients to control a one-dimensional computer cursor rapidly and accurately. This phonetic content was distinguishable within higher gamma frequency oscillations and enabled users to achieve final target accuracies between 68% and 91% within 15 min. Additionally, one of the patients achieved robust control using recordings from a microarray consisting of 1 mm spaced microwires. These findings suggest that the cortical network associated with speech could provide an additional cognitive and physiologic substrate for BCI operation and that these signals can be acquired from a cortical array that is small and minimally invasive.


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