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Gaming On The Mac

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Anyone play games on their Apple Mac (either desktop or laptop)?I currently own both a Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch and a desktop computer running Microsoft Windows 7.I have never installed or played any games on my MacBook Pro, probably because I use the MacBook Pro for work and university education purposes. Although I am entitled to Mac copies of Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam, I have never tried any of those games on the Mac operating system. I think the reason that I do not like intend to play games is because I prefer playing on a larger screen (24-inch) and also at a higher quality (as my desktop computer has a better graphics GPU compared to my MacBook Pro). However, if I purchased a desktop Mac e.g. Apple iMac, I think I would be more inclined to try some top-selling games that have Mac versions.Unfortunately, Mac versions of popular games like Call of Duty etc. have been less forthcoming, in my view, due to a lack of interest by Mac users in gaming. In fact, I also think that Windows / PC versions of popular games have also decreased or been delayed due to a higher level of piracy when compared to console platforms such as the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Wii. Recently, it has been hard to find a decent game for PC since that popular game titles simply have bypassed the PC platform and published exclusively to console platforms, or delayed several months (e.g. Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood). Although, on a side note, Linux seems to be even more forgotten than Mac and Windows / PC platforms, with a total lack of popular titles on these Linux operating systems.


Naah, I don't think so... The main gaming operating system platform is Windows and it will be. I see some MAC games are coming out pretty lately but I don't think that they're gonna make some good profit of it where I'm sure 80% from the computer users are using Windows operating systems. Apple's MAC simply doesn't fits in that area... maybe it's good for office working and etc. but not for gaming too.I'm not saying this because I don't love Apple, contrary, I love Apple and I got iPod Nano 5G 8GB and I'm very satisfied with it. I could literally say that their designs of everything are much close to perfection. I love clean and classic with small weird changes. :P


I do play games on my Mac, but I've installed Windows Bootcamp and play through there. I've recently got StarCraft 2 for Mac but haven't tried it out yet! Hopefully I will get back into the gaming scene! From what I've played so far.. with the Mac I have and the fact it does have a NVIDIA video card... makes the games very good looking and interesting.