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Jolicloud for netbooks

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Guys with netbooks, you should have a go at jolicloud. https://www.jolicloud.com/

I just discovered this, and after installing, i was amazed. Even though its based on GNOME, everyhting looks different, and since its based on the cloud, is a pretty small installation.

I'd like to consider it as a better version of chrome os. I tried chrome os first, but really disliked it.

This runs almost smoothly, but with an occasional lag, on my Acer Aspire One 751h, which has a 1Ghz Intel Atom Processor and only 1GB of ram, so it should run better on other machines.


I must admit the interface of Jolicloud looks slick and simple, yet elegant and user experience centered. The focus of cloud services have become more popular with modern new-age operating systems. Hopefully, in the future with faster Internet and broadband speeds, that every application and even games can be stored and run from cloud services and that localised storage on hard disk drivers and USB memory sticks are phased out.Admittedly, the tab-like interface Chrome OS was not appealing as much and unfortunately, I was not able to test it properly because the Chrome OS operating system ran poorly in a VMware virtual machine (I was unable to find the reason as to why this happened).


cloud services are increasing in popularity... there will be a time when all processing of data will be done in the cloud and all our laptops,desktops, mobile devices will act like dumb-terminals.