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A Disadvantage Of The Internet new solutions are needed.

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there are some disadvantages of the way the internet is organized at the moment. or maybe it is a better thing to say that the internet is not organized. this results in a lot of websites. this results in the impossibility to find a website with the content the user wants to see. so this is why search engines and search websites are made. they make it possible to find a website on the internet. and because there are not many ways to find websites on the internet that work smoothly and fast the search engines are popular.a possible solution would be a different way of organisation of the internet. like there could be more options for website owners to register their website.at the moment someboyd might think that the search engines like google are too important to find content on the internet.


a possible solution would be a different way of organisation of the internet. like there could be more options for website owners to register their website.

My question is that who would do that. All the work that we do or any one on the internet do is because the work earns money. Google has made such a fantastic search engine because it earns them billions of dollars. I write on the Xisto forum because they give me mycents that are converted to money. Xisto is providing the opportunity of community web hosting because this is a new concept that will help them gain more hosting contract and result in more money. So why would any body invest his efforts in such a job where there is seemingly no money source. I mean who would sponsor the job of organizing the internet and what benefit will he get when the internet gets organized. i cant think of any possibility... :)


What kind of organization is ment in these last posts?


I agree that the internet is extremely disorganized at the moment. Whenever I am searching for something or trying to find something, it will always take me ages to find exactly what it is that I am trying to find. In between meaningful search results will be pages and pages of junk and advertisements which in some cases are not even related to what it is that i'm trying to find.I feel the major search engines; Ask Jeeves, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and governments from multiple countries should all join forces together and discuss ways to get around this or how to resolve this issue. My personal suggestion on this would be for governments to create a few jobs for people just to tidy the internet, ensure that only meaningful search results are appearing for the correct categories. There could be a direct means of contact for these people so that members of the public can hit a 'report' button and it log to that person the result that the user didn't want to see. The internet organizing employee could then hit an agree or disagree button. If they disagree the results could then be removed.Another suggestion would be for the search engines to take action themselves. As nice as it is for website owners, I do not feel everybody is important enough to deserve their website on Google, Yahoo etc. I think only reputable businesses, people with valid business / insurance details should be allowed to appear on search engines and at a cost. This would mean less results would be displayed, thus it would be easier for the user to find what it is they require.Obviously other factors will need to be considered though. If the above were to happen, the search engines would have to consider searches such as for technical support. Many users search a search engine with an error code or an error message if they wish to find out what the cause or resolution is of a problem. This is just one example of what would need to be considered in the re-organization of the internet.


Why do you want a government to organize the internet?Do you mean that a government should prevent you from creating your website here at Xisto because what you are intending to show to the community is not relevant?Seems that you are mixing structural organization and search engines effectiveness.Most of search engines have their own selectivity : google shows you the first two or three references that seems coherent with your query, and the 13457 less realistic results.If the first three results are not what you wanted to find, this means that your query was not selective enough.And, of course, if Internet does not show me immediately the document explaining how to become reach and famous, this is not due to the bad internet structure, this is because this document is not written yet, or nobody published it in an accurate website.