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Have You Tried The Sixth Generation Ipod Nano?

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The Simpleton1405241582

September 1, 2010 was the release date of the Apple iPod Nano's sixth generation device. In my country the release date is on the 20th, and I have already seen a few people getting excited about it. Has anyone over here already bought and used it? The iPod craze might have slowed down a bit after the iPhone came out, but I'm sure there are still a lot of fans out there who want to get their fans on every new Apple product? :) This sixth generation iPod Nano is much smaller than the previous releases and features multi-touch, reminiscent of the the iPod Touch in a way. I'm looking forward to getting this pretty device soon so if someone could provide a quick review that would be great!

grim reaper1666

i think touchscreen is wasted on the iPod nano unless you can connect to the internet with it and browse otherwise it would be harder to select the songs epically if you have big fingers and you select the wrong song. another thing that could happen is if you forget to lock it and then put it in your pocket it could keep changing songs when your walking around.


I don't like Apple. They're good but you can get just as good for half the price. I'm usin my phone as a music player. Android's great imho. By the way did you know that iPod shuffles were produced for 2 and sold for 50 times that back in the day? It's probably only 20 times now what a great deal!


I have to agree, I don't like apple either. In fact, I have such a strong dislike for apple and their products I am proud to say I have never once owned any apple product of any kind.They used to use macs when I was back in high school, the old things with a black and white display, however they finally came to their senses and replaced the entire lot with PC's.Never liked macs much either, in my opinion they are far too commercial and are really only designed for one thing and one thing only, to make money. Not so much with the operating system but more so with the amount of available software. Apple are a greedy company, more so even than microsoft, and will stop at nothing to get all of our money. At least microsoft understand the need to develop for the sake of development and not just for profit. I don't have any love for microsoft either, but I have more respect for them than I do for apple. So it's true Bill Gates ran apple for a time before founding microsoft, but that was because he didn't believe in the mandate set down by apple.Apples presence in the uk with their macs is slowly dwindling to nothing which I find great. Everyone today is buying a pc and apple macs are almost a thing of the past. Now if we can only get people to stop buying ipods and iphones this country would be a better place.


I agree, it seems that people who use apple computers want to be fashionable and modern and show of their products, oh look I have apple, even though something new will come soon and he will need to replace his apple product with a newer apple product :)


I can't say, that apple products are bad, they seem to work, in the past I heard that macs ar much better for designers and people who works with lots of graphics, don't know the situation Today? Maybe Windows OS is also now good for designs,. modeling and etc? or maybe not, as usually watching some science TV show about creating a movie or animation or some effects, I see that they are using Apple computers :D


For graphics, I remember for a lot of years, Silicon graphics were leaders to designing, it had lots of tools and super hardware to do miracles, don't know about their situation Today though, here is some info on them?




So to conclude, it seems that Apple got very commercial and seems the idea, that people buy what looks more stylish and will pay more for it than for a similar product, but which is not so stylish. I also don't have any apple product :)


Hey simple! You picked it up? You like it?