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Websites To Download Movies From

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There are a number of free websites on the internet from where you can download movies from free. Some of them are



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ClipNabber allows users to download videos from various websites which host a number of videos like youtube and metacafe. The clipnabber allows downloading by simply copying and pasting the URL. Since the videos on these websites are in flv format therefore an FLV player is needed to play these videos.



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VideoDownloader is basically a FireFox extension but it can be used as a general website to download videos as well because they allow you to paste in any URL from many sites including the social networking sites like myspace.



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keepvid is the number third website in my rankings. This website supports just about any video sharing site on the internet today and one important feature of this website is that it have its own video collection which they call top videos section so any video can be downloaded quickly.



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Youtubex allows people to download videos from youtube. The name also suggests its relation to youtube and suggests it correctly. However this website only supports youtube



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Videoronk searches across multiple video sharing sites such including high quality sites like google video, youtube and metacafe. Videoronk can be used to either watch these videos directly or the videos can be downloaded as well.


I hope that each of this site offers only legit videos ? No commercial movies, no DVD-rips, no porn movies? :)


I think these sites offer a way to grab videos from flash player in sites like tubemogul, vimeo and youtube. Because of this most of these tools are illegal anyway. Though can't be blame for that directly but it falls in gray area.