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Norton And Firefox...

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My firefox is working well not until i install Norton Internet Security 2009....can anyOne help me with this?


If you turn-off Norton internet security, is Firefox working then ? If yes, then Norton internet security is blocking firefox from accessing internet. You've to configure Norton internet security, check these steps. Most likely your problem will be solved by following these steps. And if you're running NIS 15.5 then you've to "Run Liveupdate" which will download the patch. And patch as mentioned in their forum will solve the problem. Hope this solves your problem.

grim reaper1666

i think that norton acts must like UAC on windows vista it blocks everything you want to use and also pops up an infinite amount of notifications every ten seconds. so many in fact that norton has increased the sucicide rate because of it stressing out the users of the computers to the point that they grab the nearest object and use it to kill themselves smashing the computer to millions of pieces in the process.It also turns computer viruses into real viruses and so far norton has created bird flu, swine flu, hiv, aids and all of the STDs in it final plan to wipe out the human race so it can turn the planet into a giaint notification.


@greamreaper, Haha, Lol bashing Norton for their features ? I can understand Norton is worst antivirus but suicide and real virus ? LOL, too much for them. They can't handle that accusation, spare them please. :D