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Opera has always been an innovative company in the browser market. Opera turbo revolutionized the web experience of people on slow connections, especially in places where the connection is shared between many computers, like at a cyber-cafe. But things did not end there. Opera strategically announced a secret release to build a buzz, which came out a few days ago. So what is all about the new Opera, I checked it out, the techarraz way.

Opera unite is an approach to get to the world of cloud computing using just a browser, the much speculated aspect. That way, we can enhance our web experience and connect to our cloud whenever we need to fetch data. The features on offer are interesting and the ones I liked are ::
1. File sharing :: Introducing the true concept of clouds of data, file sharing will make synchronizing data a matter of "switching through tabs". Put your data on the file sharing and access it anywhere on the fly. You can also share it to a group with the provided URL.

2. Media player :: Same as file sharing, listen to your songs remotely. Use your computer as a jukebox on the internet, with your own files and no limits.

3. Web Server :: Being a developer, things become much easier when we get packages integrated. The web server will attract a huge section of the developers society.

Read more :: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


I must admit it's a nice things Opera created, especialy because it makes computers available with dynamic IP-adresses and/or are behind a router, tough I still believe that an apache/iis, mysql/mssql, mediatomb/jinzora/... server is beter. It's maybe a bit more complex, but has more advanced features, more control and it doesn't require Opera to be running all the time (read: have low powered, headless server).


Opera is a great standalone browser (compared to Firefox for example), but I don't like the lack of addons that make FireFox a great browser to me. There aren't that many webmaster addons (I like the Alexa Sparky one for Firefox, to name one), and I don't like that Opera doesn't have a Downloadhelper or an equivalent. It helps me download files all at once, rather than hitting "Save As" for each one.Things I like about Opera is its look and layout. Much better than Firefox here. The built in torrent client is nice too, but if you want to use it, you have to remember to open your browser to start up the torrents.