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Bitdefender Gamesafe Review

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BitDefender's GameSafe keeps the impact on processing power, memory & virtual memory to a minimum, allowing gamers to maintain "in game" responsiveness and eliminating interruptions while fighting epic battles!


Games, especially online games, are some of the most demanding PC applications in existence. Because of the need to provide near-instant reaction to users' actions, lack of processing power will result in delays in packet transmission, adversely affecting the gaming experience.


GameSafe's gamer mode can be turned on with one click. When activated it will:


Minimize processor time & memory consumption

Postpone automatic updates & scans

Eliminate all alerts and pop-ups

Scan only the most important files



Processor time

Processor time used is probably the best measure of "responsiveness". Background processes that dramatically reduce CPU cycles (like on-access antivirus) are highly undesirable.


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Memory consumption

The amount of memory antivirus scanners use, greatly influences the overall "responsiveness" of the operating system.


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Hourly Updates â fastest in the industry at updating the list

of known viruses and spyware


Blocks even unknown viruses using advanced proactive detection techniques


Detects and removes the newest breed of hidden threats known as rootkits




Protects against phishing attempts by filtering all accessed web pages


Reduces the risk of identity theft by preventing personal information leaks via e-mail or web





Controls applications' access to the Internet while "hiding" your computer from hackers


Helps prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network by notifying you when computers log into the network information


Is this your review or bitdefender's review?


Is this your review or bitdefender's review?

The whole text ist copied, probably from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ or from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


I've edited the text from here


I've edited the text from here