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Php Iteration - Object Overloading Difference between iteration and overloading

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i want to know that what is the difference between iteration and object overloading in PHP.
i read that both are same object overloading is old name of iteration, but i have doubt so please any one can help in this regard

what i know that :
* Iteration :- Loop the object
* used to Display property name and class value.
* foreach loop used : - only used in array and object iteration.
here i give example of iteration:

<?phpclass abc{var $user="Raju"; var $city="Delhi";var $age= 25;}$obj=new abc;echo "<table border=1>";echo "<tr><td> property Name </td><td> property Value </td></tr>";foreach($obj as $p=> $x){ echo "<tr><td> $p </td><td> $x</td> </tr>"; }echo "</table>";?>


property Name property Value
user Raju
city Delhi
age 25

every thing is fine but i am not fully understood this.

how it works. what is the behavior of this iteration. how we can say that it is object overload.



You know, veerumits, this is not really a tutorial. You are not really explaining things, you are rather like asking for an explanation.That's why I moved your topic here, where is most probably it's place.RegardsYordan