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Which Language Is Easy And Secure Today For Web Development is PHP MYSQL is easy and Secure ?

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Web development Application now a day using PHP MySQL Mostly as i observed on discussion topics on Forums friends switch to PHP MYSqL, Did PHP MYSQL is Easy and Secure for todays environment what you are say about this Hacking tracking stolen password are very much popular now a days his website hacked by X person so many time comes to news please emphasis on security issue when you go to develop any web tools . what is the right way to tight security on PHP what thing i kept in mind which logic i use that any one can not hack webtools.when i was use java/j2ee language as a web development tools. this type of problem is mostly come in little amount but today so many persons says me please remember the security issue. what i do for this most welcome PHP Developer or other who have knowledge, How to make PHP more powerful and secure. what strategy i apply here for this.


I wouldn't say that PHP/MySQL isn't as secured as it should be, however, it all depends on your experiencing in programming in various languages. Of course, sometimes you night not catch everything as your program your scripts and setting up databases that are needed and so it is always good to get a few trusted programmers to check your code out and see if they can find anything and also bone up on security measures as well.


If you program in the "right" way with PHP and MySQL you should be safe, experience is required to write your scripts/programs to be safe for Todays environment, but that is not the only thing on what security depends, usually it's the server, your php application may be really good and very well written, but the server itself might be really bad, usually people leave everything as default, which brings lots of holes, for example for apache, ftp server, firewalls and different permissions for users and etc. thats way you need to have a secure server and only then worry about the security of your scripts too..Using frameworks for php like Zend Framework, avoids a lot of security holes people usually do, the basic ones, but still you need to write your applications in the "right" way to make it hacker proof..