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I Have An Error With My Mysql Connection mysql connection error

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ok so here's my web page...


it only lags cause its trying to connect to the my sql server...i followed this guide


and when i edit my config.php to my host and login info i always get the error cannot connect to the database

here is my config.php if you can help me

<?php$host['naam'] = 'CENSORED'; // my host$host['gebruikersnaam'] = 'righto'; // my database username$host['wachtwoord'] = 'CENSORED'; // my database password$host['databasenaam'] = 'odinms'; // my database name$db = mysql_connect($host['naam'], $host['gebruikersnaam'], $host['wachtwoord']) OR die ('Cant connect to the database');mysql_select_db($host['databasenaam'], $db);$serverip = "CENSORED"; //Replace with your WAN IP if public$loginport = "8484"; //Don't change$sql_db = "odinms"; //DB Name$sql_host = "CENSORED"; //DB Host$sql_user = "righto"; //DB User$sql_pass = "CENSORED"; //DB Password$logserv_name = "<b>Server</b>: "; //Status Server Name$offline = "<s>Offline</s>"; //Displays Offline Status$online = "<u>Online</u>"; //Displays Online Status?><?phpif ($row['job']=="510")echo "SuperGM";if ($row['job']=="500")echo "GM";if ($row['job']=="000")echo "Beginner";if ($row['job']=="100")echo "Warrior";if ($row['job']=="110")echo "Fighter";if ($row['job']=="120")echo "Page";if ($row['job']=="130")echo "Spearman";if ($row['job']=="111")echo "Crusader";if ($row['job']=="121")echo "White Knight";if ($row['job']=="131")echo "Dragon Knight";if ($row['job']=="112")echo "Hero";if ($row['job']=="122")echo "Paladin";if ($row['job']=="132")echo "Dark Knight";if ($row['job']=="200")echo "Magician";if ($row['job']=="210")echo "Wizard";if ($row['job']=="220")echo "Wizard";if ($row['job']=="230")echo "Cleric";if ($row['job']=="211")echo "Mage";if ($row['job']=="221")echo "Mage";if ($row['job']=="231")echo "Priest";if ($row['job']=="212")echo "Arch Mage";if ($row['job']=="222")echo "Arch Mage";if ($row['job']=="231")echo "Bishop";if ($row['job']=="300")echo "Bowman";if ($row['job']=="310")echo "Hunter";if ($row['job']=="320")echo "Crossbowman";if ($row['job']=="311")echo "Ranger";if ($row['job']=="321")echo "Sniper";if ($row['job']=="312")echo "Bow Master";if ($row['job']=="322")echo "Crossbow Master";if ($row['job']=="400")echo "Thief";if ($row['job']=="410")echo "Assassin";if ($row['job']=="420")echo "Bandit";if ($row['job']=="411")echo "Hermit";if ($row['job']=="421")echo "Chief Bandit";if ($row['job']=="412")echo "Nights Lord";if ($row['job']=="422")echo "Shadower";?>

how can i get it to connect to my database correctly to create accounts and such?


In 99% percent of the cases, your host is localhost

$host['naam'] = localhost;

and instead of just returning some text in case of an error, die with this:

Also, the link to your website isn't working.


like wutske said:
if you change the

OR die ('Cant connect to the database');
OR die (mysql_error());
you will get more information about what's wrong with your code.


I think that this error happens because of the server name parameter, as wutske said use localhost instead.


The database server name parameter is a string that can include the port number the MySql server will use in case it is necesary. Also, you can use a path to a local socket ":/path/to/socket" for the localhost or even an IP number. So, the following ones are valid strings which you can use to specify your MySql server name:






localho http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

For more information visit the mysql_connect() php function page, and if you need the exactly mysql error number use the mysql_error() function, like:


<?php$db = mysql_connect($host['naam'], $host['gebruikersnaam'], $host['wachtwoord']) OR die("Mysql Error: " . mysql_errno() . " - " . mysql_error());?>
Generally i use a function when i need to connect to any database, and instead using the die() php function i use the exit() php function when an error is generated. Here is my general database connection function:


<?phpfunction dbconn($server,$uname,$upwd,$dbname) { if(!($link=mysql_connect($server,$uname,$upwd))) { $errorText = mysql_error(); $errorNum = mysql_errno(); echo "Connection to the database server fails.<br />MySql says:<br />Error Number: $errorNum<br />Error Message: $errorText"; exit(); } if (!mysql_select_db($dbname,$link)) { $errorText = mysql_error(); $errorNum = mysql_errno(); echo "Database selection fails.<br />MySql says:<br />Error Number: " . $errorNum . "<br />Error Message: " . $errorText"; mysql_close(); exit(); } return $link;}$host['naam'] = 'CENSORED'; // my host$host['gebruikersnaam'] = 'righto'; // my database username$host['wachtwoord'] = 'CENSORED'; // my database password$host['databasenaam'] = 'odinms'; // my database name// To connect you can use this way$conn = dbconn($host['naam'],$host['gebruikersnaam'],$host['wachtwoord'],$host['databasenaam']);// or this way toodbconn($host['naam'],$host['gebruikersnaam'],$host['wachtwoord'],$host['databasenaam']);?>
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Yes it is, the first url opens an ad-page so don't waste your time visiting it, only the second url is useful.Best regards,


So it looks like the problem is fixed? I checked your web site and only got ads.


We don't have the choice to know if the problem is fixed, because the starter user of this topic don't say anything but It seems that the problem is fixed.Best regards,