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Flash Game With Highscores

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I'm looking for flash/java games with external highscores. I believe this means that it goes to something like scores.php?game=HeliAttack2&score=16720, but I'd hope there are more secure ways to stop cheating.I suppose I'm asking for a zip of all the files, or just the packaged swf file, with the file and params it sends the score to.


I don't have a zipped file of an example... because I don't feel like looking for one when you are capable of doing so ;) But I mean you could assumedly use a database easily enough to save the username/score or username/password/score or whatever so that when a user logs into a system it has the score.Another possibility would be the use of a cookie if you don't care how long term it is. Just load a cookie with the users top score accomplished to date onto their system and check everyone for cookies upon visiting the site then pass that value to the flash thing.Note: I have ridiculously little flash experience so either or both may not be possible with it, but I can't see why not.


I have so little flash knowlegde, I'm asking for the final product, tutorials are easier to find than the end product on google. Basically, I can only do the backend.


OK, toby, I realize that we did not really answer your question.What I guess is that you want to obtain ready-made flash server games, and you want to know how they will work, and where will the high scores be stored.OK, we will not provide you with these game server programms (unless another asta member has a link to that), but I can explain you how I guess it will work.I guess you will have to connect to your Xisto control pannel and create a database (let's say mygamedatabase) and a database admin (let's name him mygameadmin) and grant to "mygameadmin" full access rights on the "mygamedatabase" database.Then, if your flash game server software ils packaged as I think, the installatuion program will ask where you want to install the game (you will give a subfolder in your Xisto account), and then. it will ask for the database server name, you answer "localhost". it will ask for the database name, you answer "mygame database" (or the name you gave during your cpanel database create). it will ask for the database administrator name, you will answer "mygameadmin" (without the quotes). it will ask you for the game master admin, choose your name or any other name you want, keep it secret.. it will ask for the game master password, choose a password.And that's probably the end of the installation, and everything should work correctly.Did I answer your request ?Yordan


I'm hoping for your third sentance, for someone to know where prepacked-swf/fla files with a note saying what url params it uses.