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Have You Heard Of The Blue-ray

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They're supposed to hold around 25 GB per disc, but I think for a year or so at least it'll be cost-prohibitive for most people to even think of switching. Maybe later down the road once Windows Vista has got a solid foothold, then Microsoft and partners will probably think about subsidizing blu-ray or something like that, so that they can help pull off the switchover sooner rather than later. that would be their end goal, if only for copy-protection and related issues, as well as HD content. But with a simple internal burner going for roughly $1000, and a bly-ray dvd player for your living room at slightly under $2000, it'll be a tough act to pull off right away.


I can see ISO images worth 25/50 Gigs beings d'loaded over broadband, i already get a little anxious while d'loadin Linux images of 2GB (4CDs) .. Well atleast i can see a future for the internet when we would have 10/20MB lines :P .. ohh and not to mention M$ vienna as a 50 Gig Blue-ray disk for installation :) .. ok .. thats it ..RegardsDhanesh ..


With these disks comming out, everyone will have to have TB' hard drives. Thats insane, when i though dual layer disks were the top dog, blue-ray comes out with loads of space. Interesting, i can't wait to see an internal blue ray burner forsale in my computer shop. The price will be intense, so i'll just wait till the burner speeds get higher and the price will get lower. At least thats what i hope =)


The discs are similar to one DVD having a single, dual or quad layer (4 layers) making possible one single disc reach 160Gb as showed by TDK in one tecnology convention. Some recordes will be capable to record and play one disc at same time. (Why this is necessary? I don't know!) and Sony launch the first movie "Charles Angel 2: full throttle" which have one hi-definition resolution (1920x1080, I guess), more better that a DVD. But exists one new format on development, it are called as holographic DVD and can hold up to 1,6 Terabytes or more than 1638 Gb, this is big enough or not! :)

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