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its my community based ( movies) website

Crazy Cow Movie COmmunity


I like this look an feel, mainly red text on white background, very classy.


The main problem with you site is that once you get into the forums there is no way to return to the 'home' or index page, of course right now you only seem to have besides the home page a forum running phpbb@ software. You might want to place a link back to the mainpage with a link in the overall_header.tpl file or possibly a logo link to the main page somehow.Once I was in the forums that was where I stayed without using the back button to get there. You might want to think about that before adding other links besides the forum link as it now is.


ty for the help may i ask hwo i would link back ( have been trying for ages


I like this look an feel, mainly red text on white background, very classy.


were red text white background.... any way i got a link in the forums for hoem know ty for the help


the template that you are using is a mambo template , just a first page you got with news and a forum unpopulated , if you want your site to be hot try to add more info and a great design .5/10


You should at least make a link back to the home page which is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ by going to the templates/subSilver.tpl file and finding the below code near the bottom of the code

<!-- BEGIN switch_user_logged_in -->
and somewhere in there put a text link like
<a href="http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/;
Then when you have more links in the home page you can edit them with the same, or just get a CMS that lets you set all that up.


You could also set up a lang dependancy with a variable and also an image link back to the Home page (that is all up to you, the design or existing icons you may have) with the img src path to the image within the href


If this is hard to understand or you have not a full grasp of basic HTML or PHP then send me a PM and I'll help you set that up.


it's got that simple, professional feel to it, looks pretty good =]set up more links and navigation and stuff...people liek those :huh: add more stuff to your site though...it's a bit bland. try more graphics and eye catching and more colors..but i still like that simple professional feel...you could just improve a bit more


The Orange on dark took some getting used to but I liked it after a while - you could run the stuff thru a spell checker. I liked the overall feel 7/10. Good luck