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l337 Nurse Pedestrian

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Whoa... That's a long list...I can't live without Google... and Photoshop... and Mozilla Firefox...


I have posted this one before in other forums. this is my compilation of photoshop and flash tutorial sites...(expect dead links though)

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l337 Nurse Pedestrian

Wow, now that's very impressive. Would you happend to know any tutorials of Adobe Photoshop Elements? I know there's google, but I mean just ones you reccomend?Anyone could keep adding on to this.


Pixia should be added too. It's a free graphic software. find it here: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

l337 Nurse Pedestrian


Wow, I don't know how you guys missed this one.

http://www.pixel2life.com/ - You'll find literally thousands of tutorials here for most graphics programs and other useful areas such as HTML, C++ and .ASP.


Whoa... That's a long list...


I can't live without Google... and Photoshop... and Mozilla Firefox...


lol know exactly what u mean, sice i sarted useing Google, Photoshop and fire fox, ive become....well addicted lol, id be lost woth out them


as for the list, good find!! altho i have like half of those book marked


that rocks, but I also think that total training really make good training programs about photoshop, and other adobe products.


sweet yo


Great links, I bookmarked lots of them...


I don't know if I missed it on the lists or not but my fave 3D program:DAZ3D daz3d.comit actauuly my homepage. The software is free and it comes with some free models and then there are tons of free stuff form aroud the web.And who couldn't live without Google? The Google gods know everything!