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Shape Tweening In Flash Shape Tweening

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Flash Tutorial 2: Shape TweeningShape Tweening is basicall where you have 2 shapes and you morph one into the shape of the 2nd shape. The procedure to do this is quite simple really :1. 1st open a blank Flash Document2. create a keyframe(select and press F6) on the first frame in the timeline(top of flash window)3. Use the circle tool and draw a circle of desirable size on the canvas.4. Select a subsequent frame on the timeline like frame 24 (sec @ 12frames/sec) press F6 to insert a keyframe. Your drawn cirlce should appear again after this step.5. DO NOT CONVERT the circle to a SYMBOL - unlike the motion tween, shape tween doesn't work with symbols.6. Adjust the shape of the circle in the final keyframe using the free transform tool (press Q)7. click on one of the frames between the keyframes you created (1-24) and on the property inspector (on the menu windows-properties) select shape from the tween drop list box.8. The frames between keyframes will turn blue or green and if you did it right there will be a line with an arrow - if you did it wrong the line will be dashed with no arrow.9. Preview your shape tween.


Thank YouShape Tweening In Flash

Great tutorial. Thank you so much. You just saved me 8 hours of work.

-reply by Mark



Be more desciptive in your titles. I thought it was a question not tutorial.