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That Does Program Allow Inserting 3d In Flash Mx? Graphics Design

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Hello, I have a project that to do I need a program that you allow getting stung with, 3D in macromedia flash mx professional.If somebody has an answer him tanks


You should be able to import Swift3D renditions into Flash


If I right now know it than the swift 3D but do not forget about worth the license the program 184 dollars. toMy question in reality is if somebody knows some kind of program of minor price or freeware


3D Flash Animator?

It sucks, but it's 3d flash...

Also, there are some books on how to do 3d stuff with Flash, for example, making a 3d face. My friend has one book and he learned to make a 3d tank. (And I don't think making a tank was in the book)


You could pre render the image or animation then insert it into the flash doc.


Blender is free and certainly just as good, if not better, than the big expensive 3D programs. It makes 3-D stuff. I'm not sure what you want, but hopefully this was helpful.