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FriendsIn this topic we shall discuss about some worthful hosting service providers, who can provide us detailsed services on various platforms.lets analyse good and bad hosting service providers in US & world wide First when we take in case of DataPacketNetwork it is said to be worst provider and he doesn't give you any response or other,i got this information while googling,so friends please be beware, don't host on data packet networkeven though they give you catchy schemes.


Posetive Internet were amazing for me in the UK, however after a year of being hosted by them i am finding it difficult to justify the expenditure on hosting my own projects in this way.

They are however fairly cheap, good customer service and altogether quite good. (i must point out that this is the only pro hosting company i have used.


Moved this topic to "What If -" forum. This is not a tutorial and I don't think it belongs in "How-To's and Tutorials".

A tutorial should be helpful to the reader, take you through a step by step solution and provide some insight in subject at hand.

Don't start a tutorial with "We shall discuss...", because then you are initiating a discussion not acting as a tutor.

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2 excellent paid hosts I am sort of related with are ShotHost and Computing-web-host.
Both provide excellent quality hosting at some of the lowest prices on the WebSite hosting market.
Both hosts have USA based servers but are run from India (computing-web-host) and New Zealand (ShotHost).

I suggest everyone browse throught their plans



Since this place is a lot nicer than WebHostingTalk ill ask here, has anyone heard of hostdime, they have there own datacenter and I was thinking of getting a ressler plan with them. Ofcourse for free hosting ill always point people to Xisto as they have been great with me, but im not moving right now. Anyoen got an opinion on this company?