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Is downloads are allowed or not in this hosting.My site is about free templates for downloading.Please answer it.


i think downloads are allowed as long as those files u providing are not illegal and not copyrights of other ppl .but watch for ur bandwidth usage it will cost u alot :P


ashiezai is right. Once you get a hosting account, you are free to provide downloads provided that the content is legal.


but watch for ur bandwidth usage it will cost u alot :P


Not really. It's free hosting, and to the best of my knowledge, free normally means you don't have to pay :P .


all i know is, someone in my forum attached a download of a crack for software... and my webhost deleted my sql database... but that was a diff host. but i wouldnt try to put live links on ur server. its just not a good idea :P


Yes. You can host any content for download if you have the entire copyright to it.


But, like ashiezai said, be careful about your bandwidth. Downloads of large files take up lots of bandwidth. Make sure you have the second hosting package before you host anything for download.


Even though it is in accordance with Xisto rules, OpaQue still looks down on people who offer downloads on their sites. It takes up plenty of bandwidth, which really belongs to Xisto. So, keep it reasonable.


Well every site uses up bandwith. Like a webesite my take up 1.2 mb to load while a download fiel takes up 20KB. Even thought the hosting is free, if you run out of bandwith your site will go into suspended mode. You would only be abel to use your account after your monthly term restarts or if you make some kind of agreement with Xisto.

black shadow

Everything is allowed as long as it's ok with the TOS i gues.