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Hey folks..!

if u have visited any kool site.. gud in animation..

tell us all abt it !!!

i have one for u !


Lol.. i m sure.. this site will take u to some other world !!!

do visit it..

and tell us some gud animated sites :P


lol i finks its da bomb wen ppl tlkz like dis :P . xcept it prolly pisses evry1 off.


Point: Learn some spelling and grammar.


lol, yea....a bit annoying to be typing like that >.>And I seriously cannot load up this site of yours. Maybe i'm pushing the wrong buttons or something....but I'm having a difficult time seeing whatever is on this website :P


Man thats a cool site. great animation. i wonder how they did all that. would have been so cool to hav it on my own site


that is a cool site. thxs for sharing it


wat e helll.. i cant get the site to load.......... i m waiting.. n waiting.....oh yeah i got it........ i waz using FIREFOX.. now switched to IE the site loaded..


hmm, same here. Firefox didn't load the site for me, but IE did. I wonder why...well, it just shows that no browser is completely perfect


i like some of the flash sites, like http://www.fuse.tv/ that one is soo crazy, u cud get a headache just lookin at it :P ooooo


looks cool, but there's really nothing to do there and it takes FOREVER to load. And I have Comcast cable internet. Anyways, http://www.homestarrunner.com/ is an obvious favorite in Flash cartooning.