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Suggestion-unactive Users

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I read what you said about unactive users and how their hosting will be terminated if they aren't active, but people do go on vacations, and things happen where they don't have time to edit their page and add links to them etc. I think you should make a rule where if you are inactive for one week, you have one week until you have to either add the links, or PM an admin with a parapgraph of your reasoning, and when you will return, because that gives members time to contact you, because if people move or they lost internet connection it may take time to get it back up.


I disagree! Two weeks is nothing when you're busy!Let the moderators decide how they will deal with this. For some people will lose all their work if they was shutdown!No reason to push users to post just for the sake being.What's the size of your HD is my favourite!Hard to beat that one :P


Well, I think it should be the way I just said, and they will have a system. So if you don't give a reason, or a bad reason then you are unexcused, and if its a good reason then you are excused. I think you should be shut-down after 2 unexcused, or 4 excused.


Let me think... Members don't want to pay for hosting .. but they want- Good Service- Good Support- No Active rule at forums- etc.. etc.. etc..Sounds like Paid Hosting plans. .. what do you think ? :P


Let me think...


Members don't want to pay for hosting .. but they want

- Good Service

- Good Support

- No Active rule at forums

- etc.. etc.. etc..


Sounds like Paid Hosting plans. .. what do you think ? :P


Hi OpaQue!

I don't quite get your reply here.

I think none of us mentioned what you're saying!

For my wife's site I have the two first, but they don't offer a forum that you

can participate in. It's also free hosting but you have to buy a domain

through their partner site!

I think this is more fun and if the community will expand, more decent topics

will arise!

One of us wanted to set the guidelines for an active rule, I wanted to

leave that to you and the other moderators.

So what exactly are you trying to say?


I think he meant that members don't want an active rule since it isn't paid hosting, but I believe it should be just the opposite, because if you pay for something then its yours, but if its a freebie, you should work to deserve it. I feel the system that i suggested with the excused and unexcused way of line is a great way to go, I mean...it works in many school systems.


The first post... "Add a link..." What? You mean you have to add one link to your website each day so your website won't be cancelled?! I don't quite get it... And this free hosting already has the BEST OF THE BEST... Seriously...


If you go on holiday or vacation for a few weeks just let us know and we will not delete your accounts, its as simple as that. As opaque said if you can never keep active you may aswell get paid hosting from us at cheap rates. An excellent affiliated site for paid hosting is Computing Web Hosting. They are an excellent paid hosting ocmpany which is partly ran by opaque. I have my paid hosting their at a very reasonable price.


im new here and probably wont be active for 2 weeks and also will be gone for 2 months later on so i dont know whatl happen to my site. i hope it wont get shutdown.


Once you get your hosting PM me with the following details:-The length of time you will be inactive -The approx date or week you think you will get active again.Do this and I personally will make sure your hosting wont be terminated


We are currently working up with a script. But expect it to take atleast a month to be active. The script will be tested on Xisto first and then will be installed on Xisto. And since, I am creating it all by myself, it is going to take lot of time.