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What Is The Best And Worse about photoshop

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for photoshop users.what is the best and the worse about adobe photoshop? why?for me almost everything was nice and the worse is how it supports png. so nasty unlike other gfx program which gave a nice and a better compression with png.


Best: Healing brush.Worst: Wait times.


^ You forgot to answer they "and Why?" part :) Yes, healing brush is definitely the best feature I've used in any graphics programs. It's like cloning, but blends the new area with the surrounding area in such a way that it is not as obvious.Another thing I like is the little icon of your image when you save it as a psd. Saves time having to have it load thumbnails of the graphics if you aren't sure on which filename you're looking for.


Photoshop's advance lasso and crop tools are definitely the best. :) Photoshop also supports mac platforms. The worst part of is its loading time.


Photoshop is generally a good tool to use to create graphic effects but the set back is it required huge resources to run smoothly.You will need over 300MB of RAM to speed up the opening of the software and good graphic card with high speed and large MB to ensure all rendering to be faster in previewing.It also required at least 1GB of free storage space on your system harddisk to run smoothly.


Hi,I use photoshop alot and dont have many complaints about it.It stores around only 600mbs on my hard disk and runs fine on mmy pcGood: You can always do something new and update itBad: Adobe does not make and official free updates :)


i agree with you, photoshop is a very useful tool , I use it almost everyday and I dont have any complains but I also know it s a little bit slowly.bye


I believe the best thing about PS is that it is very powerful but it is very expensive if you buy it in a store. Of course there are always open-source alternatives to PS like the GIMP, but i still like photoshop.


The loading time is really not a problem if you are not making a too big picture. I tried to do zooming on a background of 1024 X 768 and it took me 1 minute just to do that. LOL... But if your image is not that big. I think Photoshop should work fine. And my favourite is the Filter part of Photoshop.. The effects are nice and the worst is... O.o I dunno? What is healing brush by the way... What's it do?


industry standard tool.
excellent user interface
easy learning curve

seems almost too big, bloated
not open source
does not run on a *nix platform

bottom line:
use the gimp!



patented software can't do or work open source ^_^that's why it's called standard in photo manipulation and linux works best only in programming may be sooner on gfx :D


except the gimp doesn't have the easy learning curve, the plugins, the nice user interface, etc.


photoshop is nice for image editing. I got it for free so I use it. For little editing i use paint. To make pictures out of alot of other ones photoshop is great.I sometimes get an error because i dont have enough ram. Its really annoying because i dont save and y images gets deleted. ^_^ I hate the loading time cuz im not patient. All in all photoshop rocks