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Adding glitter to an image

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Does anyone know how to add glitter to a gif image without using PSP or Adobe (If you can't tell, I refuse to download or pay for these programs :) )?


As I said before, in another thread about image creating software, you can download free trials of both. You can also get PSP (paint shop pro) version 8 for less then $50 on ebay. Version 9 will cost around $100 or a little less. Photoshop also has free trial, but the price to buy it is much more expensive than PSP ($700 list price, i think?)Adding glitter to a gif image? Yeah, I think you will need one of these programs.


or you can ask comeone to do it for you thats a free alternative lol


or you can ask comeone to do it for you thats a free alternative lol


Hahaha..this is a good idea! You can ask a friend who has PSP or Photoshop to do it for you or ask somebody in this forum to help you out. You can email them the image and tell them where you want the effect to be placed.


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Glitter CommentsAdding glitter to an imageHi, I get my glitter comments and backgrounds from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ website also has some great tutorials.-reply by Lucky