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I Need Help With A Web Design Project For A Word Press Theme

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i need someone who is knowledgeable on creating word press themes. the theme i have in mind is a very very simple theme. not much to it, and i prefer it to be a wordpress theme. the catch is that i don't want it to look like a blog.with that said, i have an image i can upload through email which i want duplicated. it's a simple theme with a header and sub header below it, the pages will be below the sub header and the theme is two columns. pretty basic but like i said, i don't want the content to look like a post and i need room for a couple other things like images but it's VERY basic.i can't pay ya, but will be willing to trade seo services or i can just owe ya one, or you can help out for free because you're just that type of person. either way is fine with me. i would need it asap.i have already spoken to a friend of mine, but this person doesn't log on very often anymore so i don't know if this person is up for it or has the time to do it under the time frame i need it by so this post is my backup :)


Your request has been more than a month here, so maybe I'm a bit late, but I can help you for free, however I would need more details. For example, how is what you want your posts to look like (each single post), how do you want the posts page to look (the one which shows the last posts, or the featured ones... usually the homepage).
You can use WordPress as a simple CMS, with more advanced functions than a blog. What is more, I could help you with designing a theme, but maybe you can use one of one of some already made themes which let you configure almost anything you want from the admin panel, which should be faster. For example, Atahualpa or Suffusion.
Anyway, reply or drop me a line by PM if you still need help, I'll be more often here on KS from now on.