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How To Know Im Truly Inlove Or Traped

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hi i am 25years old aand have now been with my partner for 6 years. we have one child together and we each have another child from previous relationships. When we first meet i was into partying and was quite a crazy girl that always looked for fun. He found me and wanted to fix me without changing me. iv had alot of problems growing up hense why i had such a crazy personality but over the teen years, now i have calmed down and im not so fun anymore because iv become so sensible. an i appreciate and admire my partner so much for seeing me through the darkness and bringing me into the light. but i feel over the recient years i have been questioning if i am really inlove with him or if i feel obligated to be in this relationship for all he has helped me with. we love our 3 children very much, but i dont feel that passion, lust or romance i just feel confused, sometime i am so happy i have him and other times i sit and question what it would fel like to be truly happy inlove. i am sceard to say or do anything about this because i am not sure if what im feeling is worth ending a relationship over. there is so many qualitys to my man but there are things that just make me so angry he always teeses the kid practicly he acts like a child with good hygene skills where i dont like listening to teasing and i am growing up and moving forward in life while he's at a stand still he hasnt moved forward or reached any goals over the years and i continue to grow and learn and achieve my goals.if this makes sence to anyone i would love to hear your opinion because i really do feel lost and its burning away at me inside i dont think im truly happy but i feell so traped because he was once my saviour.


"To be in love" is either chasing after a text book definition of "being in love" or a Hollywood story. Looking for feelings of someone being in love with you and you feeling exactly the same way about the other. You want to be in love just as much.In real life, falling in love with each other does happen, but it doesn't always work out nor does it always happen.You have 3 children together. This man is good to you and takes care of your children, correct? Is this not a quality that makes you love him?You can grow to love him. And you can grow to be in love with him. These qualities truly make a man.Imagine yourself in love with another man who kept running off with other women and was a deadbeat father. Is this something you really want?As for his behavior of acting like a child. You can definitely attempt to change this through communication. Just tell him how you feel about his behavior and while you don't mind some of it, too much of it just makes you angry. If he loves you he will certainly attempt to change it.At least warn him and talk to him, give him the chance to better himself. If you don't see improvement after a while, than you have every excuse to do something about it.Good luck. But always make sure, and I emphasize, always make sure that HE and YOU -- LOVE YOUR THREE CHILDREN NO MATTER WHAT.