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Losing Feelings? is he losing feelings for me

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my names teila and me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and 8 months as of today.yesterday we skipped a little bit of school to spend time with eachother. when we got back to school every thing was fine. the next day he completely ignored me, he had a short tempered, he said that something i did got annoying(might i add what i did i usually do everyday but he didnt seem to have a problem with it then.)he would ignore me and laugh with other people and smile and have a good time but when he got aroung me his whole attitude would change.we talked about it over the phone and i told him i dont feel like a gf at all and he said he dosent know whats wrong he just has been feeling deatched from me ever since we spemt time together.the converations arre boring and we havnt made each other laugh or smile in the past 3 dayz. i dont know what to do.should i take a break or should w break up??please help me beause i love him to daeth and he is the only thing happy that i have in my life right now and knowing that we arent clicking anymore has sent my world crashing down.i need him in my life and i've never been more sure of anything but is the pain of waiting for him to talk to me worth it?i rather know now if we could work than be in the dark about it later on and then he just breaks up with me.


You might be overanalyzing the situation and he might just have a lot on his mind and needs to be alone or just be able to be "free" mentally for a while. If he treats you well and you love him, than you shouldn't ruin a good thing, something that has lasted for so long. In fact, give him that free space and don't be all over or around him all the time. Make him miss you. And make him want you.


Sit, relax & give some time. Allow time for your boyfriend, sit with him and discuss the reason for his behavior. Never jump into conclusions yourself. there may be some serious reason behind his behavior.