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Wordpress Theme Options

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I can create my own wordpress themes by converting HTML layouts to wordpress theme using wordpress tags. Now only thing that i have yet to learn or try is creating options page for the themes. By options i mean anything that allows user to control theme from dashboard setting page. Let's say if i want users to add their own analytics code by giving them text area on page and after they hit submit that tracker should get into wordpress footer code where it can execute and track google analytics as it does. So main question here is how to create options page which allows user to add such code to footer or header ?Another point is that if i want to let user handle the color and typography options from the options page. How to do that ? Any idea how to create options page with wordpress ?


I researched this now (thanks to you, I had been wondering about the same thing but was too lazy to search), and I found a helpful article on themeshaper.com. Apparently the file you're going to use in your theme folder is called theme-options.php. You call the options file to the index.php by require_once () in functions.php. Then you can get a variable from that file and echo it or run it through loops and conditional statements with php (with this you can echo the analytics code in the appropriate place and find which is the font size choice and echo out the required CSS for that).


The article gives you an example zip archive so you can find out how to create the content on the options page yourself (at the bottom): Sample Wordpress Theme Options Page


Thanks for the link ban but i already checked that page. I found that tutorial bit complicated as they're relating that with thematic. I would love to see any tutorial which is not framework specific. You and WD have tuts on wordpress, why not add one more on theme options ? :D